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AKA: Anthony Peter Luckwill - AP Luckwill etc.

What's this site all about?

For over three years a loose collective of internet users have been very concerned about the activities of
Anthony Peter Luckwill
more commonly known as
Tony Luckwill

Who according to Aberystwyth Today was
last known to be living at:
Priory Row, Carmarthen, South Wales
(Currently a guest of H M Prison Service)

Upon digging a little deeper into the mass of information which is 'the internet', we discovered some quite alarming indicators that this man may very well be a predatory Paedophile.

As you'll see from the above links, he has eventually been brought to justice, however, this has been a pretty long road, along which Luckwill has preyed upon children at family Land Rover events across the UK, formed a number of bogus Land Rover clubs in order to access children, and latterly, changing his attentions toward disabled children, attempting to make a video of children with Autism.

The list also includes either setting up fake 'casting agencies', or hijacking existing ones. He has recently been advertising a film production company, specialising in films by and for, children.

We have constructed this site to alert others about this dangerous predatory paedophile.

What can I do to help?

On Thursday the 31st of July Luckwill sent a libelous email - this prompted the call to his mobile telephone.  I made an attempt to give him a chance to retract his email and apologise. Sadly, he did not comply with my requests.

He has also added a few new aliases to his list;
Jamie Fleming
Harry H
Jane Edwards
Harry Haynes
posting from his new Demon IP address.

He is becoming more sophisticated in his ability to cover his tracks.

Special Welcome to the (responsible) staff and students of the University of Wales at Lampeter

We know this must be a very distressing time for you all at present, but it may be worth you letting the University know how you feel about them allowing Luckwill to have continued unsupervised access to children.

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Please email us with any information you may have regarding Luckwill.

if you suspect Luckwill is alone with a child

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