Antony Peter Luckwill - a dangerous predatory paedophile
What can I do?

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Since launching this site, and especially following his conviction and being placed upon the UK Sex Offenders Register, a number of people have asked what they can do to help protect children from this dangerous and predatory paedophile.

The most important thing is NOT to take the law into your own hands

You can, however, do a lot to help to protect children from Luckwill and other paedophiles without breaking the law or endangering your own safety:

1. Knowledge is strength
Share what you know or hear about Luckwill. Tell us, whatever it is you know or hear - no matter how insignificant it may seem to you at the time. Only by carefully collating snippets of information can we develop a profile of his activities and try to predict his next pattern of abuse.

2. Draw attention to this website
Write the URL: on a piece of paper or card, stick it in your window, in the car, on any noticeboard.  Via the internet, post a link to this site wherever you find Luckwill trying to establish himself, post it to usenet, ask your friends to do the same.

3. Link to this website
By linking to you are not only helping others to become aware of this paedophile, but also helping to maintain us high up in the various internet search engines.

4. Talk about it
Many of your friends or colleagues in your office, club pub etc., may be worried or upset - after all, it's not something you discover every day. Try to be sensitive. It's highly likely that many of your peers or colleagues may also have suffered at the hands of an abuser like Luckwill, and they may need your support and friendship now more than ever.

5. Wise up to Paedophiles
Remember that paedophiles are not 'monsters', they're 'nice people' - which is how they manage to develop their relationships with children in order to abuse them. It's hard to grasp, we know, but although what they 'do' is quite 'monstrous', they will appear to be nice, normal, ordinary people.

6. DO NOT take the law into your own hands
Much though the feelings will be strong, taking the law into your own hands leads to anarchy, gives the offender a better chance of a lighter sentence and could lead to you getting into just as much trouble. This is probably the hardest thing to deal with, and restraint is understandably difficult, but you must have faith in the ability and determination of the police to deal with this.

Land Rover Shows and Clubs
Luckwill uses Land Rover shows as a means of accessing children. He is also very well known for attempting to infiltrate various Land Rover clubs. When this fails he will try to establishing his own clubs, often advertising them as 'family friendly'.

If you suspect he is attempting to access children in such a way, inform the show organiser or club management.

Luckwill believes we contacted the organiser of the Land Rover Enthusiast Show at Billing Aquadrome in July 2003. We can categorically state that nobody involved in or associated with had any such contact (but this was purely an oversight).

Autism Support Groups
Luckwill has been attempting to access children under the guise of being a 'film maker'.
Most alarmingly, he is still, even following his conviction, attempting to make a film about children with Aspbergers Syndrome (a part of the Autistic Spectrum).
Again, if you suspect he is attempting to access children in such a way, inform the parents, group leader or umbrella organisation immediately.


Luckwill is a pretty devious and emotionally unbalanced predator.   If he believes you are in any way working to undermine his attempts to access children he will react very violently. This may very well include making private (and public) threats, sending abuse complaints to your ISP, any number of other libellous contacts (see here for our recording of him telling such lies), and even publishing child pornography sites and placing your name and home address on them in order to endanger yourself and family.
He has done this before, and there is little doubt that he will do it again.

In all dealings with Luckwill, and other paedophiles, you must place a priority upon your own safety.

if you suspect Luckwill is alone with a child

If anyone reading this is affected by the issues raised, we can provide a free list of helping agencies and counselling services.

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