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?? Is Tony Luckwill a Paedophile ??
There has been much speculation as to whether Luckwill is, or has the potential to be
a paedophile. As the above example suggests, many feel there is little doubt,
however it could also be the case that he is just a pervert with a number of 'fetishes',
one of which is that he likes to collect "pictures" of nude boys. Notwithstanding, it's an
offence to own and publish indecent material of this nature under the Sex Offenders Act.
Various other references from and about Luckwill being a possible paedophile follow:

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"Man On Child Porn Charge Named"

In the interests of public safety
Tony Luckwill
Tony Luckwill
(Sightly higher resolution picture

Currently using the names:



Known Aliases

Matt Gault
Barry Potterton
Elsie Productions
K. Hole
Henry Clifton-Brown
Jamie King
John Stansfield
Jamie Fleming
Harry H
Jane Edwards
Harry Haynes

About Kid Kast Directory

King's Hospital School?

It is highly likely that he has other past and present aliases which are currently unknown.
If you know of other aliases he's used, or have any other information regarding Tony Luckwill, please tell us email:
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About this site:
This site is predominantly a collation of links to
google searches of his various postings and a few
newspaper articles about his most alarming activities.
I have no doubt now, that he's lost the plot and has gone
too far again, the consequences of which will lead to a term
of custodial imprisonment.  This will be as a result of
'evidence', not anything to do with this collection of links.

Tony Luckwill is of concern for not only being a total dickhead
but also due to the somewhat dubious nature of some
of his postings, as demonstrated in the above examples.

His first recorded posting was in 1995.  As this was made from
what we shall assume is his Fathers account at
Trinity College - Dublin, it is not counted as an 'alias',
There may be significance in his father working at
the University, as he would almost certainly know
who to contact if he needed to produce psychological
evidence or assessment to help Tony get a lighter sentence.

He will variously and frequently change his alias, usually after
he's been 'outed' or has given himself away again. He'll claim
that the new alias is because he's "a published writer", or he's
had his Internet account "hacked" or a number of other, well,
basically, 'lies'.  The above examples are only those we know of.

Once 'outed' he will invariably make a few veiled threats
of legal action, post a few misleading and incorrect 'abuse@isp'
notifications, rant and try to distance himself from his actions.
This is usually a precursor to publishing further defamatory
remarks, or, more seriously, illegal web sites with the names of
those who have outed him (see below).

An email from Mr Luckwill dated 2nd April 2003 reads:
"Obviously you haven't found the site that's gone up in recent days
all about you and your dealings? No? Thought not!
As we will learn, this is a common Luckwill euphemism for:
"I've published another child porn site, and put you name on it, hehe"
(Refer to his other publication at bottom of page)

He will effectively play a game known to psychologists
as 'kick me', and blame his behaviour on an illness
or claim to be the focus of bullying or 'internet stalking'.
These reactions and actions are well documented.  Historically this
will be a prelude to him self imploding, going quiet for a short while
before re-appearing with yet another alias.  He will appear to
be very plausible - a trait most commonly associated with predators.
His general method of operation being covert, behind the scenes, using
strings of emails giving a different story to that which he portrays
publicly.  He will also employ mimicry to great effect, on one occasion
taking the source code from this site, changing the text, and publishing it
'elsewhere' (see below).  He will usually do this in a most cowardly manner.

From an email about Luckwill:
"It's called grooming. He creates a personna, then when his
victims are at their most trusting, the 'real him' surfaces.
Although he's the predator, he'll claim to be the victim
Abusers always claim to be victims. Luckwill's no different"

He has never been known to accept responsibility for his own
actions, even now claiming not to have pleaded guilty in the well
publicised Internet Libel Case in Eire.

Quite incredibly, Luckwill's recently, repeatedly posted
"For the record, folks,
the only usenet posting
I have done in the past 5 years
is anything sent from this address:"

The earliest record we have regarding this address
is from 7th September 2002 (signed with the alias 'dafydd').
This was around the time he fled from Dublin to Lampeter.
He seems to have conveniently forgotten that at the same time
he was also posting as
from the Demon account he continues to use today.

It is equally astonishing that he is also claiming
not to have used an Internet Cyber-Cafe in the
last 5 years.  It is a matter of public record that
this is also completely untrue.

Either he doesn't have the knowledge of the Internet
to know how to correctly cover his tracks - contrary to
evidence heard by Judge Frank O'Donnell - or he has
a far more sinister means of using the Internet
for his objectives which are currently unknown,
his current behaviour, therefore being a 'cover'.

Anyone coming into contact with Tony Luckwill
should exercise extreme caution.

'Man accused of Internet defamation fit for trial'

Tony Luckwill is currently posting from the
University of Wales site at Lampeter.
I made two formal complaints to the sysadmin there
on 4th March.  I have yet to receive a reply.
(It actually appears that they're helping him
to make 'films' about children.  I wonder if this
indicates their endorsement of his 'history',
or whether he's just been economical with the truth?)

As noted above, he's also still posting and emailling
from his Demon account:
Luckwill has historically set his Demon news client to
'X-No-Archive: yes' his posts, and these will therefore
not appear in a Google Search.  However...

A full archive of ALL postings to one of his favourite
newsgroups has recently been made available.
This archive, covering the period 26-02-2000 to 28-02-2003
contains all of Luckwills various postings under a number
of the aliases listed above (and potentially more).  
As this is a full 'RAW' archive, his postings to the group
will be unaffected by the 'X-No-Archive' status.

What The Papers Say

"Man On Child Porn Charge Named"
Irish Independent

"Man Sent Defamatory Letters From Cyber Cafe"
Irish Times

"Internet Slur Charge Man Fit For Trial"
Irish Independent

"Man Accused of Internet Defamation Fit For Trial "
Irish Times

"Man Gets Jail For Internet Libel Concerning Teacher"
Irish Times

Oh Dear...
Mr Luckwill recently published a few 'websites',
one containing indecent pictures of nude young boys
(not unlike the site he was known to be promoting in
Dublin, and later tried to retract).

Furthermore, the sick little pervert took it upon
himself to publish my name and address on the site.
An email link 'appearing' to be within one of our
domains was actually pointed to a account. being a favourite posting host for Mr Luckwill.
(Although the sites have been removed after contacting
the host, given that Luckwill knows his liberty is now
very much on 'borrowed time', he will almost certainly
be currently publishing many more.)

Readers will judge for themselves I guess,
however the matter has now been reported to the
Police, who will be able to request the originating
IP of the publisher AND whoever setup the email address

It is of further note that this 'child porn site' was
hosted on a 'free access' webserver - again, a favourite
publishing media for Mr Luckwill.

Seems Mr Luckwill is happy to 'up the stakes',
now by attempting to endanger the safety of
myself and my family

I'm equally as happy to continue to make other
Internet users aware of the activities of this sad and
somewhat dangerous little pervert.

Until the outcome of the police investigation,
I feel it is probably wise to make no further
comment on the web activities of this menace.

Log files are kept of all accesses to, these files can be viewed by the police (no DPA needed).