Anthony Peter Luckwill
(Tony Luckwill)


On Saturday the 2nd of August 2003 I sent the email below to Tony Luckwill. The reasons are made clear within the email itself.

Sadly he only made a thinly veiled attempt at compliance, and only then with his own "qualifications" and inappropriate editing.

In effect, I gave him a 'fire escape' before events progress to the point whereby he becomes too deeply involved in a course of actions which would have serious, long term custodial implications.  It is my belief that the full scope of my proposals detailled within the following email were fair, achievable and made in good faith, without prejudice.

Without prejudice

You recently sent a libellous email claiming that I had 
published indecent images of children.

I am writing to give you the opportunity to make a 
public retraction of this and other statements as 
detailed below.  If you comply with these requirements, 
in full, without qualification, I shall undertake not 
to progress any further legal action against you in 
relation to this libel.

  You will post an “X-No-Archive: no” public message 
  to the following newsgroups:

  The subject for the messages should be:  
  “Public apology to Martyn Bailey”

  The text of the message should be:

  ”I, Anthony Peter Luckwill, known as Tony Luckwill, 
  do hereby and herein publicly retract all statements 
  previously made by myself in relation to Martyn Bailey, 
  and all statements referring to two of his companies; 
  Solis (Shefield Internet) and the Redsys Network 
  (UK and in the Netherlads).

  I admit and accept that statements made by myself were 
  incorrect, fabricated, inaccurate, misleading, malicious 
  and defamatory.

  I hereby offer my full unqualified public apology to 
  Martyn Bailey for my words and actions which I now 
  accept and understand have caused a great deal of 
  harm and distress.

  I further undertake to seek professional help and 
  support in relation to my recent and previous offences 
  with the long term aim of understanding that some of my 
  actions, beliefs and interests are not acceptable in 
  our society.
  My long term aim is to enjoy Land Rover vehicles, and 
  any associated events and clubs with moral parity to my 
  peers, and to make a positive contribution toward the 
  history and heritage of the Marque.
  In short, I hereby apologise for any and all consequential 
  harm that I may have caused as a result of my actions.  
  I hereby pledge to take positive steps to change my life 
  in a way which is beneficial to society.”

  You will write via conventional post formally apologise 
  for the harm and distress you have caused (you have my 

  My expectation of you is that at no point in the future 
  shall you continue or resurrect your defamatory actions 
  against myself, my family or any of my business concerns.  
  I have no objection to you continuing to post topical and 
  non-confrontational postings, however, with the exception 
  of the above communications, I do not want to have any 
  contact with you whatsoever.

Should you comply with the above requirements I shall take no 
further action against you with regard to the libellous email 
sent on the 31st July 2003 to Total Registrations Limited.

Provided you maintain a record of good behaviour in line with 
the requirements above I will, in due course, cease to publicise 
the website at - and will in the fullness of time 
remove the site altogether.  If you have demonstrated, in good 
faith, that you have sought professionally qualified help with 
your ‘issues’, then I will give you the domain, free of any 
charge, on the third anniversary of your public posting of 
the apology required above.

My personal feelings toward you are currently clouded by the 
harm you have attempted to cause, however, this proposal is 
intended to help you to regain control of your life in a 
harmless and productive manner.  I do not, for what it’s 
worth, wish you any personal physical harm, or believe 
that you currently pose an immediate or direct sexual danger 
to children, however I do believe that if left unchecked, 
you could progress to become so.  I therefore do most certainly 
require that you seek professionally qualified and accredited 
help.  I had hitherto believed that paedophiles could not be 
‘cured’ or ‘rehabilitated’, however there is some evidence to 
suggest that this may not always necessarily be the case.  
A number of successes have recently been claimed with the aid 
of an appropriate therapeutic intervention.

If you accept this proposal you do not need to reply, simply 
comply as required.  Should you not find this proposal; 
acceptable and fail to comply in accordance with my requests 
as detailed herein, I shall progress and escalate action 
against you.

I have signed this email with my personal and unique 
‘PGP signature’ for my safety and your reassurance - as you 
may use it as evidence should I fail to provide the above 
actions in fulfilment of this proposal.

I would strongly suggest that you do not make any decisions, 
comments, or take any actions in relation to this email for 
at least two days.  This will give you a good chance to think
about and by all means authoritatively and independently assure 
yourself that the contents and scope of this proposal be fair 
and achievable, made with due care and in good faith.

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