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Recorded at 16:40hrs BST on 31st July 2003

On Monday 28th July 2003 Luckwill posted a public threat to a usenet group.  The last time he made such a threat, he followed it up by publishing a child pornography site with my name and home address on it - I was therefore concerned that he would repeat such actions.  I didn't have to wait long for the evidence...

At 12:07am on Thursday 31st July 2003 Luckwill sent the following email to the ICANN Accredited Registrar with whom is registered:

  From: Tony Luckwill 
  Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 12:07 AM
  Subject: Enquiry

  I believe you registered for
  Martyn Bailey of Solis/Redsys Internet of 
  Sheffield on 01-04-2003. I am Tony Luckwill, 
  and recently indecent images of children were 
  published at that address by Mr Bailey. 
  I would be grateful if you would remove the 
  domain registration forthwith and allow it to 
  be used by myself as my name (I will pay any 
  fees due). If not, I may take legal action 
  against you as the registrant of the name 
  forthwith. Thanking You, Tony Luckwill, 
  Wales, UK. Tel 07734003413

The Registrar concerned forwarded a copy of this email on to our hostmaster as a courtesy - given the nature of the contents and the serious allegations therein.  It is my opinion that the email is libellous.

As Luckwill included his mobile telephone number in the email, I decided that 'enough was enough', I needed to hear for myself what he had to say.  So I called the number...

It goes without saying that his response was a complete mischievous nonsense, but it is interesting just the same.  If anything, the recording serves as evidence should Luckwill attempt to deny sending the email.  One highly concerning admission is that he's claiming to have visited this site - and found over 100 'galleries' of child pornography.
My guess is that he's fabricated some printouts of his favourite child porn sites, and placed the web address for this site on the top - whatever the case, the server logs for can be produced as evidence that there has never been any such material here.

Luckwill claims to have spoken to a "John Horner" from the Carmarthen police on this matter, however a call to the Carmarthen Police HQ, then to the Regional Personnel Department (covering the entire South Wales area) revealled that no such officer exists.

The following MP3 file is the whole, unedited conversation with Luckwill.  I have placed it in the public domain as I believe it is in the public interest to do so.

It is important to note that at no point during the conversation do I claim to be anyone other than myself - Luckwill did not ask who I was, which was a shame, as I would willingly have told him.  Neither do I at any point within the conversation claim to represent any organisation, although it may appear that Luckwill believes I am calling from the Registrar following his email, I was very careful to avoid any such direct assertion.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal in the UK to record telephone conversations between two individuals provided that at least one of those individuals is aware that a recording is being made.  I did :-)

By downloading the MP3 file you agree to fully indemnify me against any consequential losses or actions as a result.  You may download and freely distribute the file provided you retain the ID3v2 tag information. You may not modify or otherwise alter the file in any way.

Download the recording here
(File size: 2,180KB - Format: variable rate MP3 file)

So, how do I now feel after having finally, sort of, confronted the person who has attempted to cause myself and my family such harm?
Well, although it isn't any degree of 'closure' on the matter, it did help me to clear some of the fudge.  I can now at least read his various demented postings and emails 'in his own voice'.  The hitherto anonymous perpetrator of such vicious and cowardly actions now has an identity, it's a pretty sad and pathetic identity, but 'an' identity just the same.

At some point I will have closure - probably when he is finally sentenced for all of his actions and offences.  I do doubt that this will be the last I'll hear from Luckwill though, as he does seem to have made me the target of his attentions.

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