A Tribute to the Terminally Clueless
Tony Luckwill

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I have previously included two other links to
postings from Luckwill concerning

Kid Kast Directory
DS Media Productions

I have today (14th March 2003) received the
following email, which I am happy to include
herein at the request of the sender:
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From:           	"Duncan Smith" 
Subject:        	Hi Re Tony Luckwill
Date sent:      	Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:18:49 -0000


I copy below a post I have just made in reply to your own post re the
above person. About 2 years ago, as I say in the post, he phoned me and
for several months I was taken in by him. I was completely wrong and I now
don't know how I could have not seen through him. I would be grateful if
you know anything about any investigations now going on and let them know
I have nothing to do with this guy whatever.

Duncan Smith

From: adept777@btopenworld.com (DHS)
e. irish Subject: Re: Tony Luckwill - Please Read!! References:
<0ir07v0t46sd3e74hke6ltqunjood9009v@4ax.com> NNTP-Posting-Host: Message-ID:

Please read and take note.

In the post below the writer referes to Tony Luckwill as using the
following alias'. I would like to state catagorically that he has
nothing to do with these businesses/websites (now no longer existing). Kid
Kast Directory, DS Media Productions

About 2 years ago he contacted me and I was taken in by his
manipulations. Luckily I was soon tipped off by a reader of these same
newsgroups as I now post two. I did my own follow ups and found that he
had used others in this way. I took immediate steps to irradicate any
suggestion of contact with this guy. I was told that he had been jailed
and I put it all behind me.

I kept an auto check facility on these groups in case something did
come back to haunt me and it is this that alerted me to the post

I traced his computer use to a Dublin Internet Cafe. I was suspicious of
him at first but was stupid enough not to do sufficient checks on him.
Something I now regret.

As far as I know he did no harm through my actual web sites Kid Kast
Directory, DS Media Productions, but he could easily have used these
legitimate names for his own deceptions.

I would be greatful for any info any one has and I will share what I

I have someone called NETGARDA to thank for actually phoning me to
warn me of this guy. I took action immediately.

Both the above sites and domains no longer exist in my name, though
many be being misused by others. I am no longer responsible for these.

This guy ruined my business and I believed the backlash also has
brought suspicion on me from certain authorities, including my

Maybe those effected by this guy could get together and try to do

I would be grateful if the poster of the below message could add to
the web site set up that Luckwill highjacked my domain names for his
own use and has nothing to do with me.