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Tony Luckwill

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Irish Independent Friday Jan 15 1999

Internet slur charge man fit for trial


A JURY at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court has found a man accused of spreading defamatory messages on the internet fit to stand trial.

Anthony Luckwill (25), Monastery Walk, Clondalkin, was found fit for trial after 30 minutes deliberation by the jury on the second day of the hearing on that issue.

Judge Frank O'Donnell remanded Luckwill for trial on the criminal libel issue on January 29. The jury had heard evidence from consultant psychiatrist Dr Art O'Connor that, in his view, he was fit to stand trial and was aware that the whole world would come to know of his defamatory remarks, when he published extensive letters on the internet.

The jury also heard clinical psychologist Dr Ivor Shortts say Luckwill is of high intelligence.

The jury also heard another psychiatrist, Dr Colm McGonagle, say Luckwill suffered from a rare condition called Asberger's [sic] Syndrome which meant he was unable to act appropriately in social situations and was unfit to stand trial. Dr McGonagle said Luckwill has an obsession with Land Rovers and brought up the subject on the most inappropriate situations.

From the Irish Independent Friday Jan 15 1999