A Tribute to the Terminally Clueless
Tony Luckwill

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Monday, December 8, 2003

"Police believe him to be a substantial risk to Children "

On Monday the 8th of December 2003 RTE (the National Irish television station) broadcast a hard hitting documentary from their Primetime news team (the equivalent of the BBCs Panorama in the UK) into the activities of Paedophiles on the Internet.

Luckwill featured prominently in this documentary, during which he admitted to being a risk to children.

You can view the entire 54 minute broadcast from the RTE Website although please be aware that the content is extremely disturbing and includes graphical descriptions of abuse from children who have been the target of Paedophiles like Luckwill.

Following the broadcast the Deputy Premier (The Tanaiste) told the Irish Parliament on Thursday that the programme has had a major impact and that if resources or legislation needed to be addressed, the government would not be found wanting.

It will be up to the child protection agencies to lobby for effective child protection strategies and challenge the constant decisions not to proceed to prosecutions on the part of the Crown Prosecution Service equivalent in Ireland, the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Screenshots from the program
(Click for larger image)

His home in Carmarthen

His Land Rover

Naked through the door

Demented grin

Following the broadcast, this paedophile is still active on the Internet

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