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email sent 23rd January 2012

You miserable snivelling little fucker. This time you
have gone too far. I told you what would happen if you updated
again. So now your life and your businesses are going to suffer, I can
assure you of that! I'm going to inform the entire world about you and your
dealings. So go and take all this to your local police if you want, see if
I care. Because I don't! You can't even be bothered to remove the dead
links from your websites or correct any of the many spelling errors. And
yet you call yourself a webmaster? Jesus wept! You are one seriously
deranged person. Ah well, I'm happy in my job, I've made my employers aware
of you in case you try to fuck it up for me, you won't get very far. You
might wish to speak to Sgt John Boyle of Navan Garda Station, I'm sure you
will find his phone number somewhere, and you also might like to have a
little chat with Mika Le Breton of Forensic Psychology Services, 10
Melifont Avenue, Dun Laoghaire - perhaps she might be able to help you, who
knows?! All the best, from the person who is now your worst enemy........

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