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email sent 12th January 2011

 From: Tony Luckwill [] 
 Sent: 10 January 2011 16:27
 To: Total Registrations Support
 Subject: Domain:
 Dear Sir/Madam,
 Once again, I wish to complain about the misuse of the domain name which is being handled by yourselves.
 Email sent to the domain is not being recognised and the website being
 pointed at is out of date and full of misleading information.
 As I am the subject of the online cyberbullying that is happening as a
 result of the existence of the website being pointed at by,
 I wish to state that my rehabilitation is now fully complete and I am
 trying to get on with my life. However that task is being continually
 disrupted by the presence of this website.
 I must therefore ask you to immediately point to a 404
 error page and to inform the client who owns it (whom I believe to be
 Martyn Bailey) that the content of the site breaches your terms and
 conditions, as it promotes cyber bullying. The site is also highly
 Your failure to act upon this most serious matter immediately will
 result in the matter being brought to the attention of your local
 Tony Luckwill.
 42 Monastery Walk
 Dublin 22
 Republic of Ireland.